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Web Page Authority offers affordable website solutions.

Our websites run on free software, plus we don't nickel-n-dime you for frequent content updates.
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Our websites are hosted in the cloud for speed and reliability and can be customized to your specific needs.
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You can make your own changes to the website content or we can be your complete webmasters.
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How do I get started?

1. Get a Domain Name

Domain Name is the Web Address of Your Website

Do you own a domain name you would like to use? Example: or If yes, we can transfer it to our servers to make sure your website works as expected. If not, we can register it for you FOR FREE (if you host your website with us for the first year). The following years it's around $10/year.


2. Select a Hosting Package

Hosting Package is All Standard Features of Your Website

Do you want just a simple website? Or do you want a premium package? Perhaps you're looking for an eCommerce solution? To help you choose we've listed all our offerings with options in a pricing table. Want to get a visual idea of what your future website might look like? Check out our demo websites!


3. Decide If You Need Add-Ons

Add-Ons Are Optional Features of Your Website

Do you want email addresses like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.? Do you want online collaboration features? Do you have Facebook and LinkedIn accounts already created for your business? Do you need help migrating your existing website? Visit our Services page to see what we're offering.


4. Pick a Graphic Theme

Graphic Theme is What Your Website Will Look Like

We offer basic and premium graphic themes to get you started. To preview them, simply pick a theme name from a dropdown on any demo site. Note that some features are only available if you select a premium graphic theme. Yes, we can modify them to have your colors and your logo. No, we can't put a premium theme on a basic hosting package.


5. Create a Customer Account

Customer Account is Your Free One-Stop Dashboard

Once you log into your Customer Dashboard you can send us an email, check on the status of your order, make payments, purchase additional products and services, and do many other things, like ask questions about your future website. We, in turn, can contact you with service updates, scheduled maintenance announcements, and send you a quote or an invoice.


6. Place The Order

We Start Building Your Website After Payment Goes Through

In order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary work we ask that you confirm the quote and make a payment before we begin work on your website. Additionally, registering a domain name, etc. requires pre-payment to a third party. We want to make the whole process go very smoothly for you. And, of course, we'll refund your money if you're not satisfied with our work.


Domain Checker

Some of Our Customers

  • expressgroupworld
  • expressinstitute
  • greenlegacycaskets
  • panhandlegeologicalsociety
  • ministers-bible
  • lifestyle-flooring
  • isci
  • aapgrms
  • aapgmcs

Demo Websites

To help you vizualize what your new website may look like, we've prepared different "template" websites with mock content.

Company Website

Typical pages for a business include: About Us, Products, Services, Customers, Contacts.
View Demo

Society Website

Typical pages for a non-profit society include: About Us, Officers, Programs, Meetings, Photo Gallery, Contacts.
View Demo

Portfolio Website

Typical pages for a portfolio include: Photo Gallery, About Me, Contacts.
View Demo

Event Website

Typical pages for an event include: General Information, Registration and Travel, Accommodations, Agenda/Program, Pricing, Contacts.
View Demo

Keep in mind, these are samples; your actual website will have your own branding (logo), content (text and images), and menu structure.

About Us

Web Page Authority's vision is to help businesses grow through effective and affordable web solutions. Our team members have experience in diverse industries including information technology, commerce, graphic design, printing, and management, thus building a strong foundation of expertise in web design solutions.


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