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Tips on how to make your website accessible to people with disabilities – a must-read!

February 3, 2010

Many of us, web designers and web developers, never concern ourselves with the fact that not all of our potential website users are in a top-notch physical condition. There are many blind, deaf and motion-impaired visitors who will not stay on your website because it’s not “friendly” to them. This article gives a great summary of the situation and suggests resources and tools to make our work’s results fitting for all.

An Idiot’s Guide To Accessible Website Design | Tips

How To Meet Accessibility Requirements

In order to provide for the access needs of the disabled, it’s important to understand the technology challenges these users face everyday.

* Use of non-standard browsers, earlier versions of mainstream browsers, or specially designed text-to-speech and text-to-brail readers that do not function in the way we normally understand browsers to function.
* Lower screen resolutions, the need for larger fonts, and reduced screen size.
* Colorblind users who cannot easily “Click the red button to cancel your order.”
* Users with motor impairment may use non-standard pointing devices and keywords.

Demo Websites

To help you vizualize what your new website may look like, we've prepared different "template" websites with mock content.

Company Website

Typical pages for a business include: About Us, Products, Services, Customers, Contacts.
View Demo

Society Website

Typical pages for a non-profit society include: About Us, Officers, Programs, Meetings, Photo Gallery, Contacts.
View Demo

Portfolio Website

Typical pages for a portfolio include: Photo Gallery, About Me, Contacts.
View Demo

Event Website

Typical pages for an event include: General Information, Registration and Travel, Accommodations, Agenda/Program, Pricing, Contacts.
View Demo

Keep in mind, these are samples; your actual website will have your own branding (logo), content (text and images), and menu structure.

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