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TIP: Use Big Bold Typography in Your Web Designs

February 24, 2010

From the article:

Web Design Trend Hunting – Big Bold Typography | Inspired Magazine

Billboards placed along interstates display large, simple messages to attract the attention of drivers. With cars whizzing by, billboard designs must be eye catching and succinct to have any chance at persuading passersby to pull off for a burger or to visit a local attraction. Many web users are like drivers, flying through websites with their heads glancing left and right. A user passing by your site may only stop for 3-5 seconds before cruising right along. Using large, bold typography will ensure that users understand your message loud and clear.

Here are several tips to make sure your message gets across in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

Demo Websites

To help you vizualize what your new website may look like, we've prepared different "template" websites with mock content.

Company Website

Typical pages for a business include: About Us, Products, Services, Customers, Contacts.
View Demo

Society Website

Typical pages for a non-profit society include: About Us, Officers, Programs, Meetings, Photo Gallery, Contacts.
View Demo

Portfolio Website

Typical pages for a portfolio include: Photo Gallery, About Me, Contacts.
View Demo

Event Website

Typical pages for an event include: General Information, Registration and Travel, Accommodations, Agenda/Program, Pricing, Contacts.
View Demo

Keep in mind, these are samples; your actual website will have your own branding (logo), content (text and images), and menu structure.

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