Hosting and Services

Web Page Authority offers affordable website solutions. We don't just design and host your website. We help you keep it updated.


100% SSD Storage
Solid State Drives (SSD storage) have lightning-fast data access times making your website very speedy.
Ultra Fast Intel Cores
Our servers utilize 100% Intel CPUs at 3GHz+ and never over provision them, which results in consistent CPU performance at all times.


Site Migration
If you are unhappy with your current website, we can help! We can recreate your existing website structure and migrate all its content into the new website as part of the initial setup.
New Website
We can customize one of the existing "template" websites to your specifications, like add or remove pages and functionality. We can also customize any of the available website "themes" that you select.
Anytime Upgrades
If you started with our Basic plan and outgrew it, we can upgrade your website to a higher-tier plan any time, keeping all your content intact; the upgrade charge will cover the "theme" redesign and additional functionality.
Custom Design
We can prepare a quote for your custom project if none of the standard "template" websites work for you. You will receive estimated pricing and time required to complete your project, all with no obligations.
Domain Name
We can transfer your existing Top Level Domain (TLD) or register a new domain on your behalf at no cost to you, as part of the initial setup. After that it's only $10/year per domain.
We can set you up with a login so that you can manage your own text and photos using the Content Management System than runs your website.
Support Allowance
You have a monthly allowance of 1 hour of work included with your hosting, so that our staff can help you with making text changes, uploading new photos, and the like, in 15 minute increments. (Please note: unused work allowance does not accumulate nor transfer from month to month.).
Additional Support
If you require additional help updating the website's content but have already exhausted your monthly allowance, you can a) wait until the next month, if the changes are not time-sensitive, or b) purchase additional support at $25/hour. All you need is to authorize our work by sending an email stating the request, and we will provide you with an estimate and an invoice at the end of the month for the outstanding amount.
Social Media
We can link all your existing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube accounts to your new site if you have them, or set you up with all-new accounts if you don't (Social Media setup charges will apply).


Demo Websites

To help you vizualize what your new website may look like, we've prepared different "template" websites with mock content.

Company Website

Typical pages for a business include: About Us, Products, Services, Customers, Contacts.
View Demo

Society Website

Typical pages for a non-profit society include: About Us, Officers, Programs, Meetings, Photo Gallery, Contacts.
View Demo

Portfolio Website

Typical pages for a portfolio include: Photo Gallery, About Me, Contacts.
View Demo

Event Website

Typical pages for an event include: General Information, Registration and Travel, Accommodations, Agenda/Program, Pricing, Contacts.
View Demo

Keep in mind, these are samples; your actual website will have your own branding (logo), content (text and images), and menu structure.

About Us

Web Page Authority's vision is to help businesses grow through effective and affordable web solutions. Our team members have experience in diverse industries including information technology, commerce, graphic design, printing, and management, thus building a strong foundation of expertise in web design solutions.


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