Everybody's website needs are different. Web Page Authority offers website packages based on specific feature needs as well as content structure.

Plan Type Basic Premium e-Commerce
Website Features
Home Page Photo Slider Basic Premium Premium
Photo Album No Yes Yes
Calendar Events on Site No Yes Yes
Contact Form (No Email Address Shown) Yes Yes Yes
Full-Featured e-Commerce No No Yes
Monthly Content Support
Monthly Support Included 1 Hour, 15 minute increments 1 Hour, 15 minute increments 1 Hour, 15 minute increments
User-Maintainable Content $50 One Time Fee, Available Upon Request $0 (Included, Avaialbe Upon Request) $0 (Included, Avaialbe Upon Request)
Additional Monthly Support (Non-Accumulating) $25/Hour, 15 minute increments $25/Hour, 15 minute increments $35/Hour, 30 minute increments
Website Costs
Initial Setup $40 $120 $540
Design Template Standard Premium Premium
Hosting Per Month $15 $15 $25
Hosting Per Year (Prepaid) $165 (1 month free) $165 (1 month free) $275 (1 month free)
New Domain (1st Year) $0 (included) $0 (included) $0 (included)
Renewed Domain (Each Additional Year) $10 $10 $10
SSL Certificate (Required, Per Year) No No $25
Email Hosting
Domain Email Setup Included Up to 10 Users FREE Up to 10 Users FREE Up to 10 Users FREE
Mailbox Storage 5GB per User 5GB per User 5GB per User
Integrated Calendar, Tasks, Notes Apps Yes Yes Yes
Anti Virus & Spam Filtering Yes Yes Yes
Additional Email Users $24 per User, per Year $24 per User, per Year $24 per User, per Year
Online Collaboration
Online Document Collaboration Yes Yes Yes
Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation tools Yes Yes Yes
Online Document Storage 5GB Shared 5GB Shared 5GB Shared
Version History Yes Yes Yes
File Sharing 3 Collaborators 3 Collaborators 3 Collaborators
File Size Limit 100MB 100MB 100MB

Demo Websites

To help you vizualize what your new website may look like, we've prepared different "template" websites with mock content.

Company Website

Typical pages for a business include: About Us, Products, Services, Customers, Contacts.
View Demo

Society Website

Typical pages for a non-profit society include: About Us, Officers, Programs, Meetings, Photo Gallery, Contacts.
View Demo

Portfolio Website

Typical pages for a portfolio include: Photo Gallery, About Me, Contacts.
View Demo

Event Website

Typical pages for an event include: General Information, Registration and Travel, Accommodations, Agenda/Program, Pricing, Contacts.
View Demo

Keep in mind, these are samples; your actual website will have your own branding (logo), content (text and images), and menu structure.

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